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Mesoestetic Glycorepair purifying and repairing gel

Mesoestetic Glycorepair purifying and repairing gel

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Mesoestetic Glycorepair Purifying and Repairing Gel for tired skins.

Mesoestetic Glycorepair is a surface regenerating gel for tired skins, suffocated by pollution and stress, blubber, emaciated and grayish, looking for lightness and softness to the touch. This fresh gel, used daily at night, eliminates corneocytes (cells on the skin surface responsible for roughness and spleen). The action of Glycolic Acid leaves the skin gradually softer and brighter. The Glycorepair also counts on the seborregulatory and preventive action of the appearance of pimples and comedones by the revitalization of the skin thanks to the complex of Vegetable Extracts that increase the level of hydration and control the sebum production. The continued use of Glycorepair contributes to uniform skin tone and to the minimization of dilated pores. Gradually the skin becomes healthier, soft and luminous.

Apply daily at night. After cleansing and toning the face skin, neck and décolleté, gentle massage until the gel is completely absorbed. By day apply a SPF 50 sunscreen as the Dermatological Sun Protection.

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